Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Elder Hayden: Chapter 31

Last week was the second major holiday since Hayden left and he was missed.  Christmas is coming in less than a month and we get to talk to him then so that will be wonderful.  For those that are looking for Christmas ideas, he would love gift cards to Chili’s, Subway, Taco Bell, and Burger King.  He would also love ties.  Boy, we sure miss and love him but we are oh, so proud of him.  Enjoy!

Chapter 31:
1) We created our own how to begin teaching bullet point. Missionaries will understand that more.
2) Three thanksgivings is a ton of food

I loved this week! We had a zone development day to improve the unity in the zone and watched Ephraim’s Rescue, had a thanksgiving dinner, and were trained on how to plan for investigators and the new way we are going to be planning now. It is a huge benefit and I love the new way we do it. So now we plan for the day what we are going to be teaching people, study accordingly and then go over as a companionship to perfect the lessons. They are so much more spiritually powerful.

Also another really cool thing was that the other elders had their first baptism in this area. The brother they baptized invited his entire nonmember family to come and see and it was powerful to have them there.
"Pure Bicycling" - I love his smile!

One less fun thing was the five biking days that we had this week. 12-9. Pure bicycling. I have a picture of that.

Our how-to begin teaching point is, "We will end every lesson with a "will you" question. We want to commit you to do something. Doing the commitment will qualify you for the blessings we promise and will always build your faith. They will never be incredibly difficult but if you say yes we expect you to do it. You can say no and we can start smaller but you need to let us know." It is so cool because people are so much more committed after we do that.
Sherry: We met a lady Thanksgiving evening and when we came back she and her husband let us teach them and they had met with the missionaries before. We are teaching and everything is pretty disruptive until we share the First Vision. After that, it is silent in the house and the Spirit is almost tangible. We made sure to point it out to them that they can now feel that the Spirit is here and telling them that it is true. They committed to reading the Book of Mormon.

Sister Wheeler and Paula- We are bicycling down a road and suddenly we hear honking so we wave and they slow down next to us. While we are confused they pull into the parking lot and start talking with us. They are members of the church and recently moved but can't find that church. We give her the number for the relief society president, the address to the church and our phone number. When we finish talking a different lady asks us a question. That other lady is someone Elder Sites and I taught when he first got into the field. By some miracle I remembered her name and she said we can come by again and share more.

Anthony- Every Sunday we go with a ward missionary Brother Rossell and when a couple of things fall through we will go to a less active member’s house. This week was completely different. Brother Charity wasn't home but a neighbor was. His name is Anthony and he has had some hard times very recently. He let us say a prayer and we gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and taught that shortly but when we were leaving Brother Rossell says, "We should get his phone number" and goes back by himself and gets the phone number, invites him to church and says we can send his new address to the missionaries to where he was moving to. While meeting with him Anthony said, "God has a purpose for everything so I know He sent you here for a reason."

I also had a few people rave about how cool it is that we are serving God right now. Those are so cool to have happen. Phrases like, "That is amazing that you are doing this", "You are going to be blessed now and for eternity for this", and "you are learning life lessons that you will always remember." They are so cool and so true. A mission is one of the absolute best decisions you can make in your life. Coming to earth, like we all did, being baptized, mission and marriage. Best decisions ever.

I love you all! God Bless!

Love,  Elder May

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