Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Elder Hayden: Chapter 30

Gosh – I miss this boy!  Probably because this week Thanksgiving but I am so grateful for him and for the obedience he shows to his Heavenly Father by serving his mission.  I am also grateful for those in this current ward that show their kindness and love to him and myself.  When Elder Hayden’s didn’t email on Monday, I was able to reach out to an awesome sister in the ward where he is and asked if she could just make sure he was ok.  This dear sister went above and beyond to make sure that Elder Hayden was ok.  

For these blessings, I am grateful for her, the missionaries who serve and of course, our very handsome missionary.  Love him, miss him but oh, so proud of him.

Chapter 30:
        2.      Apparently he said madrigal
        3.      I don't know what a madrigal is
        4.      Madrigal- Old Latin A cappella music
        5.      I'm trying to seek that kingdom -Dwayne Gordon

This week was really good! Sorry I didn't get to email yesterday but we had a zone activity day to relax and bond as a zone. President Cooper gave us special permission to watch Ephraim's Rescue and we had a thanksgiving meal together then had some training. It was pretty awesome. One thing hasn't changed and that is I still am not good at basketball.

Pretty awesome week though! Had an exchange on Wednesday with a zone leader but it's elder Brau and he lives with us so we didn't need to go to another area but it was still really good. They had some zone leader things to do so it was pretty unorthodox about when we were companions and when elder sites and I were companions. It was still really good though. I always learn new things on exchanges. One of them being that I have strengths and weaknesses and my strengths compliment Elder Sites weaknesses and vice versa. That was helpful.

On that exchange we say a former investigator that worked too much to meet up and we had what we call a commitment lesson with him. Elder Brau shared Mark 6:32-33 and committed him to keep any commitment he says he will. We committed them to do that and to pray as a family if the message we share is something they want in their life. He also told us he is still listening to the Book of Mormon when he is commuting and he is now in the Book of Jacob. He is so cool and kept his commitment when we came by for the return appointment. He literally told Elder Sites and I, "I am trying to seek the kingdom but it's hard with these bills to pay. Christ will help though." That was so cool.

I also want to share another awesome Miracle. Her name is Francesca. An appointment fell through so we had some time to find. We are walking around and I, for the first time ever, decide to knock on the door of a house. I have done it before but it's never been my idea. Generally I just talk to people on the street. Anyway, we knock on the door and a 4 foot tall lady answers and we start talking with her and ask if we can say a prayer with her. She says, "absolutely! My son is a pastor! I love seeing people so passionate about Christ. Are you thirsty? Or hungry? Come in!" We explain the rule about having a male and so she didn't make us food but she's cool with it and still wants to get us a drink. She yells from the back if we want soda or water and anyone that knows me knows I asked for a soda. Then as she comes walking back she says "you can have some candy too." So to recap, we knock on a door, the lady gives us candy and soda and is happy for us to come back and share more about the restoration.

Also the 2nd Counselor in the bishopric asked Elder Sites and I to bear testimony of the Savior for 5 minutes because they had a problem with the speakers they had set up for. Before going up I literally cut my "talk" I had written in half and it still was borderline 5 minutes. I am thankful for that opportunity though because each one will help boost confidence for the next time.

Really good things are happening here and I appreciate any prayers that are being sent to the missionaries. Please keep doing so as well. You are all awesome! Love you!

Love - Elder May

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