Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Best Two Years - HAYDEN IS HOME!

Enjoy this video compilation of the last two years memories and pictures along with him coming home!!  So proud of him and so glad his is home... Enjoy!!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Elder May: Chapter 105

I wrote my last email yesterday to our amazing Elder and I was filled with mixed emotions. I know that he will miss those in Tampa but I can’t wait to hug him on Wednesday. How blessed are we to have him as our son and example of a servant of the Lord.  We love him and miss him too  but we are oh, so proud of him.

Chapter 105:

So, since I’m just going to see you all on Wednesday I figured I would just invite you all to my homecoming talk. Then I’ll post the homecoming talk on this blog.  See you all in a couple days!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Elder May: Chapter 103

Elder May had a zone activity yesterday on P-day so his emailing time was very limited but I did get lots of pictures so I will upload those here.  He has about 15 days left and we couldn't be more excited!  We love him and miss him so but are oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Elder May: Chapter 102

It’s really hard to believe that Elder Hayden will be home in less than 22 days.  We are busy getting ready for him to come home with finishing his bedroom and getting things situated for his return.  We are beyond excited and blessed to read the 100 things that he learned on his mission.  Some of them made us laugh, some of them were a sigh of relief and others made our hearts swell with joy and eyes well up with tears.  If you have a moment, it is really an amazing list – these 100 or so reasons are the whys we give up our sons and daughters for 2 years.  We love him, we miss him so much but we are oh, so proud of him! Enjoy!!

Chapter 102:
1) Zone Conference!
2) Exchanges!
3) Dinner!

My sentences to start the email are getting lamer. But that is what happened this week!

We had zone Conference and there were a couple pictures posted on Facebook for that. It was my last zone Conference on my mission. That means I bore my final testimony in a zone Conference. But it was fun! We talked about our desires to teach and to baptize and related it to Nephi building a ship. We are 20 year olds given a near impossible task. To “teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and Son and Holy Ghost”. That’s pretty overwhelming if we don’t know who has given us that charter. It’s our Father in Heaven. The person who wants us to succeed in this life the most. With any trial or task we are put through, we can look to the One who has given us our life. When you feel like you’ve been dealt a bad hand, you can look at the one who dealt the cards. Pray to the Father and he will give you help.

We got to go on exchanges on Friday as well. After we served at our local food pantry, we were able to attempt to get in contact with some people we are teaching, give a blessing to a wonderful member family going through a hard time, and visit with another family in the ward.

Then on Sunday, after a powerful fast and testimony meeting, another wonderful family volunteered to make us dinner. They made my Sunday favorite, Roast Beef and Mashed Potatoes! It was delicious!!!

I sent my mom a list of 100 things i have learned on my mission. This week I have my “departing” interview with my mission President in which we go over what I’ve learned, some goals I have made, some plans to go through with those plans, etc., for an hour. It will be my last interview as a missionary which is crazy but exciting.

I love you all and will talk to you later!

100 Things Iʼve Learned on My Mission
-Elder May-

1.     Jesus is the Christ
2.     He wants us to succeed
3.     We succeed if we full heartedly try
4.     Heavenly Father answers prayers
5.     Heavenly Father usually waits for us to show real intent  before answering our prayers
6.     I need to go to college
7.     I need to get a stable job
8.     I never want to be homeless
9.     If you don’t have a plan in your life, make one and allow it
to be changed if necessary
10.   Technology is advancing to hasten the work of the Lord
11.   Patience is a divine characteristic that should be prayed for often
12.   Marriage should be a practice of helping to make one another their best selves
13.   Marriage outside the temple is NOT worth it
14.   We should marry the person that is the most spiritual and the most beautiful to us
15.   Joseph Smith saw God The Father and His Divine Son
16.   The Book of Mormon is the word of God
17.   Satan will try anything to get you to doubt your testimony
18.   Missionary work is done in many different ways
19.   Heavenly Father never withholds love from us
20.   We separate ourselves from His trust through sin
21.   God can’t steer a stagnant soul
22.   Spiritual Gifts are real and nearly innumerable
23.   I can and have blessed lives
24.   Families can be together forever
25.   Christ paid for and understands all things
26.   The Godhead and their angels sustain
27.   We are inexpressibly important to Them
28.   We aren’t going to know everything in this life
29.   Without the Gift of the Holy Ghost, testimony can fade quickly
30.   I am incredibly blessed to be a member of the Church
31.   The priesthood is available to all who ask for it
32.   Being a leader is important
33.   Being a follower is important
34.   The best leaders are the best followers of Christ
35.   Listening usually more important than speaking
36.   People are naturally friendly
37.   People can feel whether or not you care about them
38.   The purpose of life is to return to God and bring others with you
39.   There is life after death
40.   Countless people are waiting for us to do their temple work
41.   Attitude is a choice
42.   I chose to come to the earth at this time for a purpose
43.   I was valiant in my testimony in the Pre-Earth life
44.   I am valiant in my testimony in this life
45.   Being offended is a decision
46.   Gods work and glory is in Moses 1\39. Our work is to follow the commandments (D&C 11\20)
47.   The priesthood is real
48.   The Holy Ghost is with us always
49.   Obedience to the Gospel is not very difficult
50.   Being converted and stalwart is better and easier than being lukewarm in the Gospel
51.   God purpose is missionary work
52.   Being a husband and father is a divine and godly calling
53.   Charity and love are the catalyst for all other Christlike attributes
54.   What the Gospel of Jesus Christ is
55.   Why the Plan of Salvation is put in place
56.   The doctrinal importance of the Restoration
57.   Satan has many counterfeits of the true gospel
58.   My faith doesn’t waiver with the change of leaders
59.   We do need to pray to know if our leaders are inspired of God
60.   Christ is not the back-up plan. He always has been our Plan for Salvation
61.   It is often better to take a moment and collect your thoughts before trudging headlong into something
62.   How to deal with stress
63.   How to deal with opposition
64.   How to be extroverted
65.   How to love and live with others
66.   How to voice opposition
67.   The role of technology in our lives
68.   How to share the gospel
69.   That I would be lost without the Gospel
70.   This world is crazy
71.   It is best to always drive defensively
72.   I can pray and receive answers to prayers
73.   How to recognize the Spirit
74.   How to have an effective study session
75.   My opinion does matter
76.   If I try, I am able to get along with anyone
77.   I care for other people
78.   How important family is to me
79.   I don’t really want to live far from a temple
80.   The ideology of a mission had to come from divinity
81.   The sacrament should be our highlight of the week
82.   I always want to be an active and participating member of the church
83.   What it means to be a son of God
84.   The difference between joy and happiness
85.   That prioritization is better than time management
86.   The character of the Godhead
87.   The peace that comes from an eternal family
88.   How to minister to others
89.   The simplicity of service
90.   The principle and purpose of priesthood keys
91.   The meaning of Christ being our advocate and Savior
92.   How to read the Isaiah chapters without getting really confused and/or skipping them
93.   The effect that music has on our lives
94.   How faith can sustain us
95.   Nothing is good in excess/ all things should be done in moderation
96.   The importance of fasting
97.   Faith should be placed in the power of the Lord
98.   The will of the Lord is always for the best
99.   Christ suffered for our pains, temptations, and afflictions so He can succor is
100. Gods Plan is His way to have as many of His children back that choose to be there