Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Elder May: Chapter 88


Boy, do we miss this boy!!  I think that, like most missionary mommas and dads, I stare at my inbox on Monday mornings just waiting to hear from him, getting nothing accomplished because I am afraid I will miss my opening.  I am so grateful for his testimony of the gospel and grateful that he knows that he is a true instrument of Jesus Christ, speaking to those seeking the truth as if Jesus would if He was still on the earth.  I echo that same testimony - otherwise sending Hayden out for 2 years would be much more difficult than it already is.  We love him and miss him so much – but we are oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!! 

Chapter 88:

1.            At least I’m getting better at Monopoly and Solitaire
2.            8 exchanges in two weeks is a lot to keep track of.
3.            I finally understand Prophets now!
4.            I want to come back to church 

These last couple of weeks have seemed surprisingly short, because we have needed to be in the apartment. Not because of the bone chilling 35 degree weather but my companion has been sick. He is doing much better now though. 

The first verse addresses that by showing a little bit of how that went. We played games that kill the most time. I have gotten better at Monopoly, solitaire, indoor snowball fights, and Rubix cubes.

Luckily, I haven’t had to stay in the apartment the entire time which leads to my second verse.
The assistants to the president in the mission have coordinated with different companionship’s so that I can work in their areas which have helped me not to go completely stir crazy. It has been interesting to be in so many different areas. I’ve always wanted to tour the mission and see so many of them and this was a good way to do so. I have been to Riverview, Apollo Beach, Temple Terrace, Brandon, and my area in the past two weeks which has allowed me to see many different investigator, finding and teaching ideas, and gotten to know more missionaries. 

After we were finally able to start teaching again, we were able to visit a girl we’ve been teaching and decided to start over and teach very simply. She apparently hadn’t understood what a prophet was or why we need them until our last lesson with her. That helps someone to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God or not. 

Finally we were in our ward council meeting and talked about what we have been able to do since being inside. Obviously it wasn’t much but right after ward council finished we received a text from a sister in the ward. It said “I want to come back to church. Since I heard the news of President Monson passing I have been listening to a podcast of his talks. Because of it I haven’t slept much because I just want to listen and feel the Spirit.” Even in the Spirit world, he is able to touch hearts here and help bring Gods children back into the fold. What a great example of service, love and missionary work. 

I do love this gospel and know that it has blessed countless individuals. Even more applicable, it has blessed my life. God is good and loves each of us and I love him. I pray for you all and hope you can feel the Spirit. I will talk to you next week. 

Love you all – Elder May

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Elder May: Chapter 86 & 87

Our Christmas call with Elder May was more than we hoped for.  We spoke to him and he was in such good spirits .  We also were able to talk with him about his plans in the next coming months.  It was surreal that this was our last call with him before he comes home.  Seeing him and hearing him made me, of course, miss him more but what a very special treat which I am most grateful for.  

Here are some pics and video from the call:

In Elder May's last email, he said that they were quarantined because Elder Stockham is very ill.  He asked for any additional prayers and thoughts be sent their way so that they can get back out to the missionary work at hand. 
He sent this little video putting together a mirrored Rubick's cube.... he said "Mom, its really hard".  Good to know he is as fun as ever!  Love him and miss him, but we are oh, so proud of him...Enjoy!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Elder May: Chapter 84

Getting video clips of his voice and his sense of humor was what this mom needed today.  I am counting the days until I get to talk with him on Christmas.  I love him, miss him so, but we are oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!!

Chapter 84:

     1.      Even when we teach, I am still late to seminary. My bad.
     2.      Cheesecake!
     3.      Tossing sod is dirty work    
     4.      Christmas Party but I can’t dance...
     5.      They came to church! 

We had a super fun time this week! We were teaching practically the entire week too which was even better. It all started out on Monday at 5:30 in the morning.

We were asked to teach seminary this past Monday and that meant we had to get up early to be there ready to teach. It started at 6:10 so we had to be awake and ready by about 5:50 to get there early enough to prepare. I don’t know how it happened but I woke up, got showered and everything, and walked out of my bathroom and Elder Stockham is sitting there ready to go, reading scriptures. He looks at me and says “it’s 6:10 right now.” So I hurried real fast and got ready and we got there at 6:20 after I tied my tie and put on shoes in the car haha! We got there and someone else had started the class and we were there right in time for the opening Hymn. That could have been much worse.
We also had the wonderful blessing of a cool family here in the ward buying us the ingredients so Elder Stockham can use his gift of making cheesecake. The picture is of Elder Stockham all decked out in his apron. It was a delicious sour cream blueberry cheesecake.

Then Tuesday afternoon we went to do service for someone that wanted a lot of sod thrown. It was dirty work! I took a picture after in which you can tell I was wearing gloves haha! It was pretty fun.

Friday evening we had a great time at a Christmas party that a couple of Investigators and Less Actives we are working with came to and a couple members invited neighbors and friends. One of them gave their neighbor an in-depth church tour so he could recall those missionary feelings. Pretty cool stuff. They played the Macarena once and I did not dance to it!

Then on Sunday we had a couple of awesome people we are teaching show up to church and loved it. The primary program was this week because it got hardcore postponed because of the Hurricane hitting us. It was really good. They had older members of the Primary be the ones helping the kids that couldn’t read very well which was cool to see. Our ward mission leaders son said “I can choose the right by...not...sneaking chocolate...” It was great because he got all quiet realizing that he was confessing that he had been sneaking chocolate. Such a fun time.

It was a good week and now it is cold because apparently there are some huge snowstorms happening. I don’t know anything about those but it is cold here right now but we are having fun.

Please continue to pray for me as I pray for all of you.  I feel your love and prayers.  Keep it coming please.

Love, Elder May

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Elder May: Chapter 83

Love this Elder's face!!
Boy, we are watching the days tick by until we get to talk to this boy on Christmas.  I absolutely can’t wait to see him and hear him again.  If anyone is planning on sending him a box for Christmas, he loves gift cards and Kit-Kats.  Love him and miss him but oh, so proud of this Elder! Enjoy!!

Chapter 83:

Sorry that this will be short but I have had an awesome week!

1) we have had an awesome week!
2) Christmas time! Time for Christmas music!
3) Baptist Living Christmas tree!

We had fun meeting with people, especially with those that have Baptismal dates!
I am loving going around hearing all the Christmas music!
I got to go to an event at a baptist church and they sang o holy night very well. Ask my mom for the video!

I love you all!  See you all soon!