Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Elder May: Chapter 28

What can I say about this Elder of ours?!?  I love more than anything his continuous positivity and joy in teaching and spreading the gospel – even when it was hot and humid, he loved serving the Lord.  When there is so much turmoil and despair in the world, I am so blessed to know that he is doing what is right and his faith is unwavering.  I love him and miss him so but without a doubt so proud of him and proud to be his momma.  Enjoy!

Chapter 28
2) Can we just go to the pool and baptize him?

We had a fantastic week this week! It started off great! Teaching a lot of lessons to a lot of new people! In the middle of week I got pretty frustrated on Thursday and Friday but then a general authority came and shared doctrine with us and helped us to realize that we are loved by God at all times and we are always qualified to do His work. He will bless us more as we are humble, obedient and all those other great things and the fact that absolutely no effort is wasted. Anyone we ever talk to, as long as we leave on a good note, is benefiting from us being there and that we are there to help them come closer to Christ. He let us know that there is a study that the church did that let us know that with almost every convert to the church, it is after 7 or 8 different contacts with missionaries or members of the church that they learn and become converted. He told us that we should be thankful no matter what number missionary we were to a person. Just too always have their contact with us be an uplifting one. I loved it.

He also shared a personal motto that he always told his missionaries. "Don't be weird." If we are weird then that is people impression of the church is that the members of the church are weird and chase people down and offer prayers in parking lots so we are done doing that. I have a lot more joy and fun doing the work and we have been meeting some very prepared people because of it. 
Thirdly, I made an omelet and I was proud so I added that as well. 


Felicia: We had some time left before we had to be in so we are biking home and I talk to a lady who is outside with her family. We offer to say a prayer and she gathers the rest of her family and has them come outside for the prayer. We prayed and asked for a time we could come by to share the message of the restoration. She said "Well you are here now. Just share it." So we did and they seemed really interested. They said they'd read the pamphlet and call us if they want to learn more.

Paige: We met Paige and she has been going through some tough times. We first talked to her boyfriend who wasn't very interested but said Paige might be so he went and asked and she came out of the garage and said, "Are you Mormon or Christian?" I replied "Mor...wait both!" and she came to say a prayer. We talked with her about eternal families and how the gospel blesses families especially going through hard times and then taught about a modern day prophet. We told her about Joseph Smith and she said, "No way! That is cool! There is a person like Moses out here?" She seemed really interested and said she will come to church.

Aaron: Aaron was a media referral from the sneaky ways that the church uses. There is a Bible application that shows an ad for a free bible and when people click it and give their information they send the information to us to deliver the Bible. So we do that and bring a copy of the Book of Mormon as well and he was pretty interested in learning. We told him we'd call him and see if he wants to come to church so we called him Sunday morning. We set up a ride for him and he comes to church. We didn't see him walk in or anything but during the meeting I noticed him. Then testimony starts and he immediately walked to the front and bore his testimony that God told him to move to Florida and this church is the reason why. After sacrament, a good number of members asked if he was baptized already because of his strong and sincere testimony. He then learned about Eternal Families in Gospel Principles and Missionary work in Elders Quorum. He participated a lot in Gospel Principles and asked if he could be a part time missionary and help us out when he can. We later went by and set his baptismal date and he was so excited to be joining the church!

I love you all and appreciate all the prayers said for me.  Please continue to do so we continue to see miracles in God’s work.  Have a great week!

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