Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Elder May: Chapter 29

What more can I say than I love and miss him like crazy but oh, so proud of him… Enjoy!

Chapter 29:

1) I...I am sorry guys.....my wife.....doesn't want you back.
2) My white shirt and tie feels more like a t-shirt than this t-shirt does nowadays
3) I want to learn about THEE HOLY TEMPLE!!!!!!
4) My job ends when you are sealed to your wife for time and all eternity

The first verse comes from an awesome guy that we were teaching and we came by on Wednesday night. This was the saddest moment of my mission. We pull into his driveway, he is in the garage waiting for us, we pray for the spirit, and we get out of the car and he is walking over to us. I ask how he is doing and he, with tears in his eyes, says "My brothers, I am sorry. My wife, she doesn't want you coming back." We tell him we understand and to talk to missionaries when he sees them and we are about to leave and Elder Sites gives him a thumbs up. Louie sends one back and then slowly turns his thumb to the side and walks away. He will find the truth another time but WHEW that one hurt.

We did service for the city of New Port Richey on Saturday and we wore service clothes all day. We got ready that day and I see Elder Sites and just say, "you look weird" and he responds by saying it right back to me. I felt weird too. Today in the car, I literally felt as if I was wearing a tshirt and pajama jeans because this is what I am comfortable in now. It is a weird transition.

We texted Aaron, one of our most solid visitors and asked how he liked the baptism. He responds by saying "I loved it." Then in a separate text immediately after says "I want to learn about THEE HOLY TEMPLE!!!!!!!! PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!" He is pretty cool so we had a temple and eternal family lesson yesterday with him are meeting with him again tomorrow. Verse four comes from a quote I had during our lesson last night because he asked what our purpose for teaching him was and where we saw all of this going.

I love my mission and I am very grateful for it. It has been a humongous blessing to my life and it truly is what has converted me to this gospel. I have had a testimony for a long time but I am converted to this gospel and learn more about it every day.

I am incredibly grateful for the prayers and the different blessings coming my way from your prayers. I love you all!

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