Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Elder May: Chapter 27

Our Elder Hayden never ceases to amaze us.  His attitude is always positive and he finds the good in every situation.  He always seems to know exactly what to say to help us even though he doesn’t know what is going on at home.  We love him and miss him so but we are oh, so proud of him – Enjoy!!

Chapter 27:
1) Another six weeks in Hudson! 😁
2) That awesome moment when you have the same tie as a general authority (Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence-October 2014 General Conference-Elder Jorg Klebingat) 

So transfers are this week and for Elder Sites and I nothing has changed. Elder Reese is getting transferred to Gulfport which is one of the most western parts of the mission, right on the Gulf and then Elder Brau is getting Elder Gneiting from Gulfport who is the missionary that trained Elder Peterson, my Missionary Training Center companion. I know all these names are just confusing to many of you but they mean something to me so thanks for reading them. Elder Brau said that the leaders of the mission will soon get another apartment for them so that Hudson A and Hudson B are in separate apartments. 

We are having another General Authority visit our mission and in preparation for it we get to watch this talk and that is when I realized that I own the same tie as him. It is yellow so I don't wear it often
because yellow is pretty off putting on me but my teacher at the Missionary Training Center gave it to me. I am going to wear it to the conference out of pure respect.

It is really starting to cool off here or at least be less humid and that is a miracle in and of itself. For that we are biking and walking a whole lot more and I am still a little hesitant for that because I am worn out now but I think it is good. We meet a lot of people because of it. 

We are teaching the family from the Congo daily now to help them prepare for their baptism and doing so I now know some Swahili words so I can say thank you because all of them say welcome when we enter the house and I say welcome when they come to church. I also know faith, repentance, baptism, the three kingdoms of glory and can follow along with what they are saying when they ask questions. It is a ton of fun to teach them and they all have a baptismal date for the 12th of November.

I am really loving this area and loving the way that the members here are lighting up because of the great work the Lord is blessing us with. I am thankful to Him for all He has given me. I thank you all for all that you do and I love you all. Thanks and I will talk to you next week.

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