Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Elder May: Chapter 39

Changes, changes, changes - it's transfer week!  Boy do we love this boy... he is just doing awesome and loving it!  Miss him and love him - but oh, so proud of him... Enjoy!

Chapter 39: 

1) Do you want a huge box of Starfruit?
2) are you the zone leaders?
3) You are going to be District leader!

The first quote comes from when we met with the zone to do service and the Elders in Seminole, just a little south of us and that we are on car share with, and they did service for a person they are teaching and they picked over 400 star fruit for this person and they didn't want it at all so they just distributed it to the missionaries. We gave a huge amount to a Less Active family we are teaching. It is alright. 

Second quote comes from a lesson we taught to a man named Jerry. He is awesome. We met him while he was walking his dog so he didn't want to learn but he asked if we were the zone leaders so we asked if he was being taught or had been before and he said he had back in 1986. He is excited to learn and we met with him on Saturday and he was really excited to have a copy of the Book of Mormon and we will meet with him tomorrow. 

Third comes from this morning for transfers. President Cooper actually called us to let us know our transfer news. He told Elder Durrant, although he thinks we are one of the best companionships and loves the works we are doing, is being assigned to be a zone leader in New Tampa and I get to be a district leader! So awesome! 

I am district leader for my companion, Elder Swapp, and then two sets of sister missionaries. I am sooooo excited! I'll let you know how it is going. Love you all and I will talk to you later. 

Elder May

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Elder Hayden: Chapter 37

Love and miss this Elder very much!  But love the pictures… Love him, miss him but oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!

Chapter 37:

1)      "This church isn't a place to be, it's a place to belong" -Brother Drossos
2)      Dorian might be a part of the Easter message!!! 

This week was really good. I apologize for not being able to email for a couple of weeks but I am alive and doing well. I was transferred to Clearwater and that is right on the side of the gulf. It makes for pretty good pictures. 

We are teaching a ton of people here. Every other day we meet a new family from Micronesia and it is fantastic because they all of them learned English in school so they all speak it fluently. 

I am very grateful to be here and I love you all. Thanks for the love and support. I will keep you updated when people start progressing more and more. The quotes come from a recent Convert Elder Durrant has and I get to teach now too named Dorian Drossos who might be in the next Easter video and I will keep you updated on that as well. Love you all. 

Elder May