Thursday, April 27, 2017

Happy "HUMP" Day ~ One year to go!

 One year ago today was one of the most difficult days in our families lives ~  Elder Hayden May left our family for two years to bring other families into the gospel for eternity.  Sounds like a small sacrifice until you are asked to make it.  For those missionary mommas who have kiddos serving, the loss you feel is like a piece of you until they return.  You are excited, proud and heartbroken all in one emotion.
Fast forward, but not really fast, to a year later.  Your missionary is thriving, their testimony is solid and strong.  You know that the sacrifice is worth it.  Doesn't change how much you miss them - only that they are doing what the are supposed to be doing and the Lord is well pleased.  

Here are a couple of photos from a year ago, the pictures that we put in Elder Hayden May's hump day package (one which will explain why we call it Hump Day) and a collage of some of his best pictures over the past 12 months.  
Love him, miss him so but oh, so proud of him!  We love you Elder Hayden!  Happy One-Year Mark.  Enjoy

Happy Hump Day Elder May!  We sure love you!!

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