Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Elder May - Chapter 53

It's already getting so hot for this missionary.  Please pray for cooler temperatures, less humidity or long-suffering for Elder May.  He is doing awesome and loving his mission.  We are beyond proud of him and love him to pieces.  We miss and love him but oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!!

Elder May: Chapter 53

    1.      8 hours of biking can cause issues
    2.      That fantastic moment when your mission president gives you a fist bump!
    3.      Is it because you would be so blinding white in your bathing suit?
    4.      Dripping with sweat, feeling alright.  

This week was our bike week and if you've never been slapped in the face with Florida humidity, let alone had to bike in it, let me tell you it is a ton of fun. Our highest miles count for one day was 19.4 and that was on Friday. Good day nonetheless. Each house we knocked on said "oh geez do you want a paper towel or water bottle because you are sweating pretty badly." I had a lot of water bottles that day.

My first quote though goes with the picture of my pants. That is what happens after you catch the pant leg in your gear six times in one day. I am going to tuck the leg into my sock from now on.
Secondly comes from Thursday which was my one year mark. I actually had interviews with my mission president that day and when I mentioned it was my year mark he gave me a fist bump and said "fantastic work Elder May" which was an amazing thing. What a great way to be congratulated on being here for a whole year.  

Next is from yesterday when we went to Kim's house and we actually started talking about some of the rules that we have as missionaries. She asked why we don't have the car all the time so we told her that we share it and that sparked off the fact we have lots of fantastic rules. One of her favorites was that we can't go swimming and she didn't understand why we couldn't. She asked if it was because we are so white that we would blind people when we get into a swim suit and I figured that would make it on the quote board. 
Lastly is also from yesterday after we finished biking for the day. Elder Swapp and I took this great picture to commemorate a fun bike week. There were many times I would take my helmet off and feel three or four drops of sweat go directly down my face. Great times.
Other fun moments is when you see this or any other car driving around your area blaring music or you have this many coupons in the mail room so you grab ALL of the fast food ones that you can and take them home. It was a good week.

I love you all so much!  Take care!
Elder May

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