Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Elder May: Chapter 49

As a missionary mom, there is nothing more frightening to look at your phone and see an incoming phone call from the mission home.  I am so grateful for the dear sister on the other side of the phone who said “Sister May, this is Florida Tampa Mission home.  Your Elder is fine.  I do have a question…”.  Leading with your Elder is fine tends to calm the heart quicker than just launching into what they are calling for.  I also am so grateful for the members of the ward that Elder May is serving in who welcome he and his companion into their home and treat them like family to watch conference and then remember to send pictures home to his family.  What an amazing blessing – conference and surprise pictures.  Love him and miss him so but oh, so proud of him.  Enjoy!

Chapter 49:

1) Our Commitment to you is to Strive to be like Nephi
2) Why does every member try to Bible bash with her?
3) 6 hours at the leasing office later

Hi Everybody!

We had a pretty...unusual week this past week. We didn't have much time to teach and that is probably what made it different but we had good reason why we couldn't. I'll explain. Monday we had our normal three hours of proselyting time. Met a new guy but we forgot to write down his name. He lives with a less active member though so it should be good.

Tuesday we had a zone conference which is where the first verse comes from. The conference went from 8:30-4:45 and one of the trainings we received was about getting rid of fear and opening our mouths. The scripture they used was Doctrine and Covenants 33:8 which reads, "Open your mouths and they shall be filled, and you shall become even as Nephi of old, who journeyed from Jerusalem in the wilderness." And the commitment to us was to talk to everyone so you feel like Nephi. Pretty sweet commitment. There were a few others as well but this one might be the coolest.

Wednesday was normal but we saw a miracle. A lady we are teaching who needs to come to church,   her and felt prompted to so we went and biked down there. We show up and she is outside, "YAY", and not only that but so was her granddaughter who is preparing for baptism as well. Not only that but we talked to them about General Conference and they wanted to go to that. (They weren't able to but still) and even better, her daughter came out when we were talking about it and we got to testify of modern day prophets, general conference and the restoration and she said that something told her to come outside and listen and she knows why now because she just wants her and her family to have peace and come closer to God so she is a new investigator now. 
had bronchitis last week but we wanted to meet with

Thursday we went out with a member for the day but mostly everything fell through. One that didn't is a progressing investigator named Kim who we want to Book of Mormon read with if we don't have a member and teach lessons when we do so we aren't out front of her house. So far through each time we have a member with us, if she doesn't fully understand something, they bash with her and throw out very scripture they know. It is interesting but part of the calling.  

Friday we moved apartments. Same complex different apartment. My new address is 1806 Sunset Point Apt A and the rest is the same. But in order for us to get the keys we apparently needed to see if we were criminals and to do that we needed my social security number and I don't have that memorized yet, and to do that I needed the mission secretary to call my mom, and after that the office got really busy, and during that we got put on the back burner until a total of 6 hours had gone by then we got the keys and were moved in in a total of maybe an hour.

Saturday and Sunday were fantastic though because we got to learn from prophets, apostles and inspired men and women for two days, in member’s homes, then afterwards talk with them about it and share the Easter video. The link is Prince of Peace.  Watch it because it is POWERFUL!

It was a great week, a little weird but great nonetheless. I love you all!
Elder May

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