Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Elder May - Chapter 51

Happiest of birthdays to this 21-year son of ours.  We weren’t able to celebrate with him in person but sent him a Easter and birthday package so hopefully there was some fun this weekend.  So grateful for members in his ward who think of him and remember the Elders and Sisters birthdays.  Best news of all, he got a brand new car with safety features galore so this momma is happier.  Can’t believe next week marks his year!  Love him, miss him so, but oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!!

Chapter 51:

1) A birthday party is a weird finding opportunity...
2) You pick your own date and we can fill this out later
3) If you could meet at our new house at 4 that would help
4) We are a rare anomaly in this world

Our first quote comes from the fact that Akino invited us to his sons
birthday party so we can meet his relatives and friends and because he
felt bad he missed church. It was weird because his whole family knew
who we were but it felt wrong to teach people at this birthday party.
Nonetheless we talked with some people. They weren't really interested
in being taught until we were about to leave. One person asked "You
guys leaving already?" and we said yes because we have to go home but
asked if he knew who we were and then taught him. He told us his
address and after we asked him to write it down and he whispered,
"this is my real address, no one here knows where I live." So we got
his name and have gone by now and he has a Book of Mormon and is
excited to learn.

Second is when we went to Semisi's house and brought him a baptismal
calendar to reset his date. We told him to look at his schedule at
work, write down a day that would work and we can come by the next
time to fill out all when we'd come by.

Third is when an investigator asked us to come by and move him and his
family into the area. We biked up there and it only took thirty
minutes then after we moved in his mother in law. What was nice is we
rode with him in the uhaul to the different places so we could get to
know him. Driving back to his house the last time he asked us to
dedicate his new home. We forgot to but we scheduled to come by this
week to do so.

Fourth is when a 70 came to our stake conference and told the stake
that we are a rare anomaly because there is almost no one else that,
a) believes Christ comes, b) believes Christ was resurrected, C)
believe that we are all going to be resurrected at all. He gave a
great talk about the resurrection. It was a pretty great stake

That was basically my week. We also got a new car to drive.

Love you all and appreciate all your prayers - Talk to you next week

Love Elder May

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  1. What a very awesome missionary he is! He has learned to live by the Spirit, yet is humble and surprized when the Lord hears his prayers and answers them. He is blessed to have diligent and faithful companions. This mission will feel the loss when he completes this time of service, yet I know he will continue to bless the world. I love this guy.