Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Elder May: Chapter 48

Elder May’s birthday is just around the corner as well as his “hump day”.  I will sending out an email for well wishes for his hump day soon.  Many of you have asked about gift cards for his birthday or just because.  He wanted me to let you know that they do not have panda express, in and out or sonic.  They do have Chili’s and Red Robin.  I asked about Burger King and McDonalds but didn’t hear back.  

Elder May is doing amazing and we love and miss him so much but we are oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!!

Chapter 48:

1.      15-0 at Pool!

2.      This was a weird Thursday

3.      It's like a clown bike! COME TRY THIS THING OUT!

4.      You scientologists?!

First off, I wanted to write my personal record at playing pool with Elder Swapp. I won 15 times in a row and then it was time for dinner. 

Second was our weird Thursday. We had interviews first thing in the day, then came back and had a quick weekly planning session in order to make it to a dinner with our recent convert, Dorian Drossos,  which had to be over quickly because we went on splits with the high priests to visit new people that recently moved into the ward and finally we went and read in the Book of Mormon with three people we are teaching Taitai, Uveta and Donavan. It was a good but a long and rushed day. 

Third we went to visit a less active member and then planned to find in his area after the lesson. It took us 15 minutes to find the entrance to his subdivision because it was disconnected from any road, then we finally found it and he wasn't home. But while we were knocking we see these two guys. Deciding to see what happens with it one of them rides a bike up to the other. He gets off and the other guy gets on and immediately starts saying "Your seat is too high! How can anyone ride this?" Then after he saw us standing and laughing he said "THIS IS A CLOWN BIKE, YOU KIDS COME TRY TO RIDE IT!" We went over and instead we tried to teach him but he said the people inside would be more interested. Apparently they used to meet with missionaries so we taught the restoration and planned to come pack this upcoming week. 

Fourth, we had a lesson with a 20 year old kid named Jamar at 8:30. We are teaching and he is understanding everything and suddenly a car pulls into the driveway. It's his grandma who quickly and rather loudly says "Can I help you?" After telling her we are teaching a message about Christ to Jamar she says, "you scientologists?" because Clearwater is the scientology capital of the world and both of us do dress nicely. We told her the name of the church and she, much more calmly, says "I've heard of that church, how are y'all doing?" Then she started ranting about how terrible her car is compared to ours and then went inside. After we taught Jamar about the Book of Mormon and set a baptismal date. 

Fun fact about this week, we had 15 people set up to come to church with the families we are teaching.  No one did. One family has bronchitis, one the dad got sick and had to stay in bed so the kids couldn't come, and the other just slept through it. Funny stuff.

Anyway, all is good her in Clearwater! Love you all!

Elder May

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