Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Elder May: Chapter 47

This missionary amazes me... I have personally struggled alot the last two weeks with wanting to bring him home.  I told him that in my personal letter and he very Hayden-like told me that he promised that if he stayed in the field, I would be blessed and not feel this way anymore.  I am waiting patiently but exercising faith as I was asked to do.  I love his dedication to the Lord and the people he is teaching.  We love him, we miss him but we are oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!!

Chapter 47:

1) Sorry I forgot to write last chapter
2) "Elders! I met the coolest lady!"
3) That moment when you pull up to the church for a Book of Mormon class in a Mustang.
4) No mucho Espanol. Muy Poquito.
5) it's part of my culture but I guess if you say it's wrong I won't do it anymore.

First off, as the first verse says, I forgot to write last week's weekly email and thats my bad. I should be able to more now because we aren't on carshare with a different area. We are on carshare with sisters but still. 

Secondly, we got a call as we were planning for our day on Tuesday from a Sister in the ward. She told us that she went to do her taxes and that before she went in she asked God that she can carry the Spirit with her, especially for patience and peace. She went in and, along with getting some of her taxes done, shared the gospel with the person helping her for an hour and a half. She taught the restoration, Book of Mormon, and what Elder Swapp and I do as missionaries. Then after she called to ask if we can go over and deliver two copies of the Book of Mormon to her. That was a pretty great phone call and lesson we got to have. 

Third, we were able to have dinner with a less active member who made us spaghetti, told us he wants us to come by and read the Book of Mormon every couple of weeks and he'll make us food, and then drove us in his new Mustang to the church so we weren't late for our class. That was a pretty cool drive. 

Fourth, I got to go on an exchange to a Spanish area and because I don't speak much Spanish, I mostly just sat as if I was a potted plant and talked with the people who I could guess spoke English. It was a fun day though! We went with a youth in the Spanish branch who is going on a mission in a couple of months and speaks no English but he is really funny. I got to teach him how to say the word Duck in English and it was pretty fun to listen to him say "Duck" 100 times.

Last is a lesson that Elder Swapp had with Jonathan, a progressing Micronesian that we are teaching. We taught him the Word of Wisdom because he has a lot of Chewing tobacco around his house. He knows the Book of Mormon is true, loves us coming by, wants a church that teaches him new things instead of just being a social gathering, just needs a license and a car and his whole family will be baptized. Elder Swapp taught him and Jonathan told Elder Swapp that it is the culture in Micronesia to chew tobacco. On one hand that's pretty gross but on the other after he said it would be hard for him to stop because he has chewed since he was 11 he said "I guess I will just throw it all out and never buy it again." So far, that is what he has done. It is him, his wife, and two kids we are teaching. I will try taking a picture with them this upcoming week. For now these are the pictures I do have.

I love you all and appreciate the prayers on my behalf - 

Love, Elder May

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