Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Elder May: Chapter 44

Elder Hayden has been at 10 months!  It is crazy to think that it is almost a year since he left.  We miss him every day but we are super grateful for his dedication to the Lord.  He is loving his area, his companion and being a district leader.  We miss him every day, we love him more than he will ever know but oh, so proud of him.  Enjoy!

Chapter 44
  1. You will have a busy week
  2. Have your vehicle parked in a combat ready position!
  3. Who is this on the map?
  4. Hi my name is Jeremy!
  5. That what we do in Micronesia. If you have food, you give it to others. If you don't have food, you....don't give food. 
The first quote is from the Sunday of the 18th in which the teacher in Elders Quorum told us that we will have a busy week because we are working hard. I wanted to go through some reasons why he was right.

The second quote is from a man from the missionary department that came to our mission to help advise us on how we should be driving and how TiWi, our car monitor and coach, will work. He told us that instead of backing out of spots we should back into them because it allows you to leave quickly and doesn't look as weird. It was an all day zone conference that we had where we were taught about the doctrine of Christ, using scriptures in teaching, teaching repentance, etc. Just basic skills as a missionary. It was good and insightful. Lots of notes.  

Third comes from our weekly planning session in which we were going through, looking for some members to visit and while doing so we see a new member that wasn't on the map we have before. He showed up and we click on it and he has the same name as an investigator with a baptismal date we are teaching, Jerry McIntire. We start investigating as to why and turns out that Jerry is a member of the church, baptized in 1986 and didn't remember. Crazy. So we are going to teach him about the temple and priesthood now. Exciting stuff!

Fourth was a random phone call we received in which the person on the phone said, "Hi my name is Jeremy, I live in Georgia and I am moving down into your ward in April. I've been an investigator for a while and have backed off a bit recently but I wanted to touch base with you to pick it back up when I move down there. I will call you when it is a little closer to get you my new address and everything. #Miracles
Last is from Semisi who told us the culture of Micronesia is to share what you have. He said this after he brought us water bottles, grapes, kit kats, herseys, and some hot wings and egg rolls for us to take home. He is just the best. 

I love you all and appreciate the prayers and love that is being sent my way and want you to know I am doing the same from over here for all of you. Talk to you next week. 

Elder May

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