Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Elder May: Chapter 40

We are so amazed at all the stuff this Elder is doing.  District Leader, teaching, working hard and still maintains his fun sense of humor.   We love him so much and miss him even more, but oh, so proud of him!  He would also love to hear from anyone through email or letter.  His current address is on the blog and his email is  Enjoy!!

1) I don't know how we got all that luggage in...
2) You can turn right and then Uturn here
3) Would you be baptized?

Hey everybody! I am doing great over here in Clearwater! Lots of people to teach and lots of work to do. I am excited.  

The first quote came from transfers on Wednesday. We fit Elder Swapps luggage and Elder Roberts luggage all into the car. It was not easy but it was totally impressive.

Second quote came from while we were driving to a lesson with a member and he has a big truck. We are leaving the apartment complex and instead of turning and going into the Uturn Lane he popped the curb and just turned left. The blessings of when you don't have TiWi. 

Third is a quote from when we last taught Jerry McIntyre who is extremely solid. He didn't make it to church but he did accept a baptismal date for March 4th and he is progressing nicely towards it.
I am loving it out here and love you all. Talk to you next week!

Elder May

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