Monday, February 27, 2017

Elder May: Chapter 43

This boy of ours is doing so well.  He loves his area, he loves what he is doing and he loves serving the Lord.  We love him and miss him like crazy - somedays more than other but we are so proud of him!  Enjoy!

Chapter 43
  1. You can come over any time you want to
  2. You can come much more often now
  3. My topic today is Finding Faith In Christ 

Our first quote for today is from an investigator we have that recently started meeting with again who now is progressing towards baptism. He moved into his own house with his family and we are teaching him now any time after 7 except on Wednesdays. He told us he would join our church as soon as he knows it is true which is exactly what we hope people will do. 

Second would be from a different investigator who now has finished the Book of Mormon and who knows it is true already. She will be baptized in March.

Finally is from my talk I gave on Sunday which I will attach to this email. It went pretty well. They had three of us four missionaries give talks because we are newer in the ward and I got to give one.

I love this area and the blessings we get to see. Love you all and pray for you.

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