Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Elder May: Chapter 19

Elder Hayden caused us some worry this past week.  One of the hardest things as a missionary parent is not being able to get a clear understanding if your child is in real danger or not.  Looking at the storms and the maps, the hurricanes appeared to be right on top of Elder Hayden.  His mission president was great at keeping us parents apprised of what was going on and the members were wonderful at messaging us updates.  One of the sisters in Elder Hayden’s ward was without power for over 24-hours but miraculously enough, Elder Hayden and his companion were only without power for a few moments.  The rest of the time they were obedient and stayed inside as they were advised.  We know that many of you prayed and sent good thoughts for Elder Hayden and we are appreciative.  We know that his safety and being watched over are a direct reflection on the prayers said on his behalf as well as his desire to be an obedient missionary.  We miss him, we love him but we are oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!

Chapter 19:

1) I am glad I built my house upon a rock
2) The rains came down and the floods came up

I think that those two verses accurately describe how our week went. I definitely appreciate all of the prayers and everything from anyone in my behalf this week. We spent three days in the apartment due to the storm that recently went through. The first day was from 6AM till 2 and they said we could leave but to be wise, and so we went out and taught a couple of lessons but ultimately Elder Sites and I decided that it would be better to return back because the rain was getting worse. Our area is actually the area that was hit the hardest from the rain. I sent a video showing the front of our apartment.

To put in perspective how much rain and water there was out front, the drainage system for our apartment complex empties into a lake that is in the middle of the complex. We were "patiently" waiting for the storm to go away and I looked out of the window and saw two fish that were very determined to escape the lake. They were swimming against the current of all the water in the
apartment complex so they could reach the sewer drain and make it to freedom. It was pretty inspiring to me.

The other video that I sent, I don't know if the blog will allow videos so I will send a picture of it just in case, shows that the brick phones that they give to missionaries can break over time. We just slid the phone up one day to text and the magnet broke. It still works and everything but it is pretty annoying.

Lori is going to get baptized this Saturday and she is extremely excited for that! She asked me to baptize her as well so that is really awesome. Jim came to church this Sunday and he loved it. He said he is excited to come next week and the rest of the weeks of his life too! Also, we were able to ask the ward council if instead of our usual scripture study class that we host on Wednesdays, if we can instead do a Missionary training class to teach the members of the ward how to be missionaries and how simple that can be. I am excited for it.

My miracle of the week:
Brianna: On Saturday night, a member of the ward was kind enough to give us some groceries for the upcoming week. We didn't want them to go bad or anything so we took them home. We got home at around 8:15 and still had 45 minutes to proselyte so we went to a nearby grocery store and started talking with people. The last person we talked to was Brianna. I offered to help her load her groceries and she said no. So instead I offered to say a prayer with her and she was much happier to do that. She prayed for her family (that is exactly what you want to hear as a missionary) and so we did and we were able to talk about how much God loves us and our families and she gave us her phone number so we can come by and share more! Pretty cool how when you continue on doing the things you are supposed to God will bless you with miracles.

I love you all and am very grateful for all the things you do for Elder Sites and I. We thank you for your many prayers and I love you!

Love, Elder May

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