Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Elder May: Chapter 18

Elder Hayden sure knows how to make his momma anxious.  Last week it was teeth pain and this week sunburn/sun bruising (didn't even know that was a thing). I just want to fly there and make sure that you puts sunscreen on every day and then re-apply, re-apply, re-apply.  But I know that he needs to make those choices by learning and getting sunburned (sun bruised) is one of those things.  Boy, how I miss this young man.  I have been rolling along pretty good coping with him being gone until this last week.  It hit me out of the blue and I was just overwhelmed with missing him.  But in that same moment, I was overwhelmed with the comfort of the Spirit to let me know that he is doing what he needs to do, he is being watched over and he is protected by a loving Heavenly Father and even though I was still missing him, I was at peace.  Love him, miss him so, but oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!!

Chapter 18:

Look at that tan line - if you look close
you will see it is flaming red
1) Jesus bled for me. I can get sunburned for him!

That verse has been my call to arms since the beginning of my mission and I might have used it before but since I got sunburned again I figured that I would use it again. It is interesting though! This sunburn didn't bruise or anything like the last one did. It is already healed and turned into a tan. My pictures from the beginning of my mission I just want everyone to know that my tan in those was actually just my sun bruise. It didn't feel good either. This was a lot milder and only came because for the first time in forever I had to bike this week.

Because of the excessive times that we are going to Tampa we are over on miles and had to bike. Then one day later we had to drive because we have a few people that live like 10 miles away and I will die. Members driving is the best thing ever. Just wanted that on the record. Really good things are happening though. We aren't finding a ton of people but we do have a few that are progressing towards baptism really well!

Coral - Coral we were teaching a while back and she was recently evicted from her house and moved south into a different ward but now she has moved back and is happy to be here. Yesterday we were teaching her outside and this guy came walking up to us and said, "Latter Day Saints right?" So we said, "That's correct!" He then proceeded to tell us how pathetic it was that we were there teaching those that are the lowest of the low, and the bottom feeders living at that motel. Coral then piped up and said, "I am a member of the church and they are here teaching me and I would appreciate you not talking to them like that." It was so awesome because he apologized probably 15 times after that.

Larry - Larry is one of Elder Sites first miracles. We offered a prayer expecting him to say no and to our surprise he just said "Yes," almost immediately. We prayed with him and he is really excited to continue to learn with us. He was told we were a cult and instead of believing the person that told him that he said, "Well even if they are, these two kids are pretty cool and they are talking about Jesus." That was pretty cool.

I am really grateful to be a missionary for Jesus Christ at this time. (A lot of the reason why is because I couldn't do this if I was biking and always sunburned.) But I absolutely love it. The children that God is trusting me with is incredible and I am very thankful for each one of them. Thank you all for your prayers, I love you all and will see you soon. Bryson has some videos that I sent. Ask him for those. They are pretty funny I think.

I love you all - Love Elder May

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