Friday, September 16, 2016

Elder May: Chapter 20

We were out of town this week so I was unable to post the email earlier – He makes us so proud and just smile when we read his emails home.  We read his emails and can seriously hear his voice as if he was in the room speaking to us.  And then getting to see his handsome face makes us so happy and also relieved.  We miss him and love him so much but we are so, so proud of him!  Enjoy!!

Chapter 20:

I wrote a song about my diet on a mission and its not too much different than my diet was back home. 

1) Corn dogs and Poptarts and a diet coke! Corn dogs and Poptarts and a diet coke! Corn dogs and Poptarts and a diet coke! 

That is the first verse. Elder Sites didn't think that was too funny. I took some pictures and a video on the way to email today. I am not very good at it during the week. So that is my bad. 

This week was really good though! Elder Bake, our district leader, went on an exchange with us to show us how to better ourselves as missionaries. He also showed Elder Sites and I how to tract because I never have until this past week. He said, "Go to a street with a lot of cars parked out front and start knocking." We did and a few lessons got taught while we were there. He also taught us what a clean apartment looks like. Pretty fun! We are getting better as missionaries and are really close to meeting the standards of excellence! (They are just goals that the mission president sets to help us expand our vision and to stretch ourselves as missionaries.) 

Jim: I have talked about Jim a few times but this week he left a very cool voicemail at about 1 in the morning. It just said this, "HEY ELDER MAy and Elder Sites its Jim. I want you to know that you got through to me. No more beer. Thanks. I love you. Bye." We also promised him that if he prayerfully sets a date for October for baptism, God will help him with his desire to live the word of wisdom. He immediately said "the 22nd." Then he said the prayer to confirm the date with God. That was pretty cool. 

Terrell: Terrell referred himself for a Book of Mormon. He has since talked with his pastor and isn't very interested but he might come around. They let us still sit and talk for thirty minutes and testify of the Holy Ghost, Book of Mormon, prophets, and all that good stuff. But while we were there he and his wife were extremely excited to see that we are so young and love God and Jesus Christ so much. They were losing their minds because of it and it was very cool to see. 

Winn Dixie: Winn Dixie is actually a store but I want to mention what happened there. At this parking lot, we went there with like thirty minutes before we had to be home and didn't teach a single lesson. But what did happen with every person there we talked to, which was about six people because it wasn't too busy and we left after it wasn't working too well, was they told us how much they appreciate us doing this great work and how we all need to be unified in preaching about Jesus Christ. I was just very thankful for that little pick me up. I wasn't discouraged or anything but it is always nice to hear. 

That is what I have for this week. I also got a haircut that actually looks normal. (Sports Clips for the win) Also I think that the lightning here is really cool so that is what the other two things are. 

I love you all and am very thankful for you! Talk to you next week!

Love Elder May

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