Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Elder May: Chapter 21

This week was an extra special treat – we got to see Elder Hayden in his baptismal clothing in the picture he shared and see the joy in his and Elder Sites face as they brought someone into the waters of baptism.  My heart is full.  We miss him terribly, love him to the moon and back but we are oh, so proud of him… Enjoy!

Chapter 21:

1) People are coming to us for the message.

This week was an awesome week! It was so good because we were able to have so much get done! We were able to go to a training center in the mission that we call Metro. I might have mentioned it a few chapters ago but it is just a meeting of a few of the missionaries, especially the ones that are training, to learn from one another about different ways that we can be better missionaries. We also go and teach college students and that is NOT easy. There were a lot of people that only believed in science and wanted proof God was there. One of them was pretty cool because I walked up and said "Hi" and he said, "Hey I love your outfit!" That made my heart feel good. If you want to be my best friend forever, compliments are the way to go. The best lesson we taught there was to a guy named Will and we literally walked ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE CAMPUS TO TEACH HIM. He thought we were pretty cool and gave us his phone number and we set his baptismal date. I will check in with the assistants to the President later to see if it went anywhere.

Metro really helped to have that extra UMPH to do all the things that are required of us as missionaries. Doing so allowed us to see some extra miracles. Here are a few:

Lori Lipka: LORI GOT BAPTIZED! Lori is so awesome and I know that her life has been changed because of how amazing it is and how she has been able to apply the different teachings. She loves it so much and I am glad to have been able to meet teach and baptize her.
Suzette: Suzette is someone that we met yesterday. We had some time and went to an appointment that was more of a drop by and wasn't really set up. That feel through so we went to the park. We went there and prayed for one person to accept the message. Suzette was that person. I talked with her and she was very interested. She understands English well but doesn't speak it too well so I taught in my terrible Spanish-English hybrid. I am getting better at it but still. She set a baptismal date for the 15th. I asked her where she was from and she said "Puerto Rico." So I said "okay cool! Have you ever heard of the Mormones?" (Spanish for Mormons) and she said "Si mi abuella es Mormon." (Yes, my grandmother is Mormon." So I told her we were Mormon missionaries and she already knew and was still interested! SO COOL!

Agnes and Angelica: We were tracting for the third time on my mission and saw a miracle from that. We had walked down the entire street and there was one more house that had no cars and Elder Sites said, "Let's try this last house" We knock and wait there for a while and eventually a young girl opened the door and when we offered a prayer she said, "Let me go get my mom." The mom walked up and said she would love a prayer. We said a prayer and testified of eternal families. After we set up to come by at another time she told us that when she was younger her family was studying with the Mormon missionaries and her sister was baptized Mormon. The only reason Agnes wasn't was because she was 7 when the rest of her family was baptized. I don't know why they didn't baptize her when she grew up but still it is a miracle.

Jason: This is the guy that the verse for this week is written for. We went to an appointment and it fell through so we are leaving and we back up and Elder Sites is putting on his seat belt. When he finishes a car pulls up next to us and rolls down his window. He asks who we are and asked why were weren't going to every door. We explained we had an appointment and another one to go to but he asked what our message was about. We said "Jesus Christ and a modern day prophet. Do you believe in Jesus Christ?" He said, "Not a bit. I think the idea of religion is stupid but I want you to teach me why it is not. Here is my address and phone number and you can come by on Tuesday." That was a pretty cool thing.

I know that the Church is true. I know that because of the Restoration we have the power of God given to those that are worthy males with the priesthood. I know that that power is what will fix the world and all of the madness and chaos that are occurring. I know that everyone needs this message. I challenge you all to find someone to share it with and not be discouraged if they say no. I promise that someone will say yes if you valiantly continue doing so. I know that all of us have the gift of the spirit to help us to do so. I am grateful for what I have been given in this life and I am excited to continue in such a great work here

Love, Elder May

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