Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Elder Hayden: Week 17

Boy, do we love this Elder!!  How he has grown in just the few months he has been out.  He is looking forward to upcoming zone conference with a visit from one of the Seventy.  We love him and miss him but are oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!

Elder Hayden: Chapter 17

1) Remember, remember that as you love those that you teach, they shall give love in return.

2) Be wary of chips.

Ramen - A missionary's favorite dinner
I am starting to realize how much of a hippie I sound like with all this love and charity stuff. Sorry about that. But verse two has a very important meaning behind it. For the past week and a half I have had THE ABSOLUTE WORST PAIN IN THE BACK LEFT SIDE OF MY MOUTH. I hoped it would just go away but it never did. It wasn't until I prayed and called Sister Alexander, our mission home nurse, that it started feeling better. My only guess is super embarrassing on what happened and based on the verse you can probably guess. I bit a chip and it stabbed me directly in the gum. Not knowing what exactly happened allowed my mind to run wild on what in the world happened to me. I didn't know if a wisdom tooth grew back in, if I stabbed myself in the nerve, etc. I had no clue, all I knew was that it hurt and it was really distracting me during lesson because I would be about to teach and then just close my mouth and grit my teeth to have the pain go away. But it is gone now and I thank God for that daily. On to more spiritual pursuits.

Here's one- A family of three was baptized and confirmed this weekend! It is the Helgenberger family from Guam and they are extremely excited to be in the church once again! The mom is so cool too! She says prayer is Micronesian. (I have no idea what she says during them but it is still really awesome.)

We also have some very solid (that means people that are wanting to still learn) people that I am excited for. Keep a lookout for their pictures in the coming weeks.

A couple of fun experiences would be, in addition to the Helgenbergers being baptized, we were able
Helgenbergers Baptism

to use time effectively and find a really cool guy named Paul. Paul was raised in a very Christian household (He said that they were so Christian that his parents called Lucky Charms, Pagan Puffs.) and he is really knowledgeable about the Bible. We walked up to him in a Walmart parking lot as he was riding in circles on an electric scooter because he thought it would him play Pokemon GO. He was telling us we should be allowed to grow beards because it is a symbol of our manliness. I am going to continue shaving because I trust God and his promises more than Paul. But I am excited to teach him!

Next is our investigator named Jim. Jim is fantastic! He has strayed away from God but "God led us to him to bring back him. He’s a lost sheep and God wanted to have him back!" -Jim. He loves us soooooo much. We talked about the Book of Mormon and gave him his own copy and he said, "Thank you. I will keep it sacred. I won't even put anything on top of it." When we left he warned us not to go to the beach, which we won't, because there are women there and women are evil. They will tear out your heart first and then come back for your wallet too! He called us as we were leaving with the last few minutes he had on his phone and all he said was "STAY AWAY FROM THE BEEEEEAAAAACCCCCHHHHHhhhhhh!" and then hung up. He ends every phone call by saying something along the lines of, "Thank you both so much. I love you. Jesus loves you. Jesus loves me. He always will. God bless you both. Stay safe. Patches (his cat) says 'MEOW!!!!!' okay bye." and hangs up. I love Jim!

Those are some of awesome investigators that we have that God has blessed us with. I am thankful for everything that you are all sending me. Prayers, kind notes, all that good stuff. I love you all! Thank you!

Love, Elder May

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