Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Elder Hayden: Chapter 15

Fifteen short weeks and he is a trainer on his own which goes to show us the kind of missionary Elder Hayden is.  It is surprising a little because he is so quiet and never outspoken but we know in his setting apart, he was promised a voice and the ability to talk to those with authority and the Spirit would guide him. 

We are very excited for him and his next challenge because he is amazing.  He did admit to me he was nervous but I told him if he wasn’t I’d be worried.   We love him, miss him but are oh, so proud of him!
Elder Gardner and Elder May

Chapter 15:  A new challenge came to pass, as the transfer lists came in.

Cheryl Endowment
As always we are seeing many mighty miracles here in the Hudson area in the Tampa Florida Mission! Attached are some awesome pictures of us mini golfing, our recent convert Cheryl going to the temple, going out to ice cream with an investigator for her birthday, and a sweet shot of how cool Florida looks in the rain. I am very grateful for the place that I am at right now in this mission. I am seeing a lot of miracles and I am going to need a big one for what I have been assigned to do. As the scripture for this week says, I have been assigned to a new challenge of staying in the Hudson ward but I am also training a new missionary. WHAT?! 

Investigator's birthday treat
I am very humbled by this opportunity to do so and I am excited to meet my new missionary that I get to spend at least three months with. What is nice is the fact that I don't really have to worry about where I am going next transfer. I will be able to tell you more about him next week because I don't meet them until Wednesday so look forward to that email. 

I want to talk about a miracle and then I will bear my testimony. (I don't know which one to choose.)

Lori- I decided. This Tuesday we had a challenge issued to us as missionaries to find a prepared person that will be baptized on the 20th of August. Meaning that we had that week to find someone and invite them all to be baptized and you will find out on Sunday if the person you found will be the one because they need to come to church twice. I think Lori is that miracle. She has had a hard married life, has a five year old son named Michael and is going through a lot right now. We met her and offered her a prayer and she asked for her family’s safety and that she can find a church that she will feel comfortable at and Michael can grow up in. After we taught her and a few days went by it was time for her appointment. She canceled. The next day we went by again and she canceled but at our meeting with the ward mission leader we got six texts from her. She told us she was sorry she couldn't meet, she read the pamphlet, was curious about the Book of Mormon and wanted to read it, asked if she could get a ride to church, offered gas money to whoever would pick her up, and went online to find where the church was and when services are. She came to church and we gave her Book of Mormon.

Love has been a huge part of my life and mission. I am very grateful for my chance I have to show the Lord and Heavenly Father that I love them through serving a mission. Obedience to any commandment shows our love for him and always comes with a blessing. (Doctrine and Covenants 130:20-21) I know that it has been a hard time getting me on a mission but I also know that because I am here I am being blessed and so is my family and loved ones. God loves me enough to bless those I love. I know that He loves and cares for each and every one of his children. Our trials and challenges are not here to bring us down and they are most definitely not sent from him. He SUFFERS that we are tempted so that we may be able to grow and become more like Him. Nothing in God's nature would cause him to hurt us. He is always there waiting for our call because he loves us, and wants to respect our agency instead of delivering us without our asking. Ask and you shall receive is a very monotonous and repeated commandment in the Bible and the Book of Mormon but it is a phenomenal one because of its simplicity and truth. I am grateful for all that he has given me. The tools that I have to become more like Him and invite others to join me on the journey. I love my Father in Heaven, my loving Savior, the Holy Ghost and I especially love my family and friends of whom God has miraculously given unto me. Thank you all for all your love and prays and for suffering through the amount of times that I mention that I love something. With every fiber of my being I mean it though. I love you all and I pray for you. Thank you. 

Love, Elder May

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