Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Elder May: Chapter 6

Wow!  6 weeks already!  In some ways, it has gone super fast but in others, well...   But Elder May is doing awesome - he had his first baptism, his first accident in the field and his first witness of miracles firsthand.  Oh, how I love and miss this Elder but oh so proud of him!

The Book of Elder May – Chapter 6

I need to point something out before I make this email. That picture of the house is not my apartment. That is a picture of a house that I took to show how pretty Florida is. I can send a picture of my apartment. One second. 
So those are the apartment buildings. Ours is a second floor apartment so the brown part of the building. Its really nice!  

On to the mission. First off I cut my eye. I was attacked. I was busy focusing on my duties as a missionary and all of a sudden, I was attacked by someone or something I didn't even see. I eventually found out what had hit me and its pretty embarrassing. Here is the story. We had a baptism!!!! His name is William Anthony Kephart and on Sunday he became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

My duty at the baptism was to open up the doors of the font to show Elder Gardner and Bill in the font and that is when the attack happened. One of the doors was locked and I was trying to open it and found out the problem was they had locks on the floor and the roof. I unlock the top and am trying to hurry and get the bottom one so they could baptize him so I move to the bottom lock and hit my whole face on the glass of the font. I didn't even realize I was cut until after the baptism. So that is the story of the cut on my eye. 

We are super excited that Bill is a member though. He leaves to Arizona on Tuesday and he is going to be working at Sky Harbor Airport so maybe I can see him while getting off the plane in two years. 

Other than that, we are planning to have two other baptisms and with any luck while any luck we can have two more on top of that. Alex, Cheryl, Fred and Angelica. I am really excited to be a part of all of this work!

I have a few miracles that I can write about. First would be Ed. Ed is a nonmember but is married to a member and his son is a member as well. We met Ed because we were talking to someone else next to a highway. While we are teaching her, a big rig truck pulls off the road and the driver points at me and says, "Come here." Certain I was gonna die, I said a little prayer while walking over. Instead of shooting me he tells me that he misses the Spirit of the Lord in his home because his wife and son are inactive and he wants to have that back. Then he refers himself to us. That doesn't happen often. 

The other miracle would be Angelica. She lives in her car, and she works all the way in Tampa and drives there and back almost every day. We met her in the McDonalds parking lot and we only stopped there because we had biked for about 5 hours in the middle of a humid day. We walk over and just offer to say a prayer with her. She is now two lessons in, with a baptismal date set for July 2nd but we might be able to bump it up to the 24th of June if we meet with her as often as we have been. We meet her at the McDonalds that we first met with her at. I love so much that McDonalds doesn't kick us out of there because they easily could but we have taught probably 20 lessons in some McDonalds. I love it. Those are my two miracles that I have for the day. 
Also, I found this amazing trailer that I almost laughed out loud as it passed by. 
It is a septic tank removal company!!!!!! It was the best thing ever. 

I love you all and am thankful for all of the prayers and good vibes coming my way.
Elder May

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