Monday, June 13, 2016

Elder May: Chapter 7

Not a super long email this week but this Elder is doing awesome!  He is loving the mail, emails and packages so keep them coming.  We love him, miss him but are oh, so proud of him! Enjoy!!

Chapter 7:

This week was full of miracles that we were able to see. We unfortunately did not have our baptism though. He didn't say he doesn't want us to stop teaching him though. His new date is the 25th and we do have an incredibly solid baptism that you will see pictures of next week. I pinky promise. One of the miracles that we saw was a young couple that just moved down here from Michigan. We met them
Yep!  That's Elder May ~ Already super tan!!
Love him!!
because we were bummed out because of the baptism falling through so we ate at Culver's which is delicious and amazing because a worker there was about to throw out a shake and instead looked at me and somehow knew it was exactly what I needed and just gave it to me. Oreo and peanut butter. Sorry, I am getting off topic. Anyway, we are leaving Culver's and see a car just parked there with two people in it and a bunch of laundry. We went over and started talking to them. They apparently moved because the guy got a job down here in Florida, so they packed up everything and moved here together. When they got here, the employer gave the job to someone else and left them thinking, "well now what do we do?" So they live in their car and we prayed with them and made them a promise. We said "If you take the missionary discussions, God will provide you with a job and place to live." Hardcore right? 

A funnier thing that happened is with a guy we are teaching named Darius. He is learning about the church but absolutely refuses to read the Book of Mormon. He saw a picture of it on the back of the pamphlet and said that he shuddered out of pure fear to read the book. We tried to teach him that fear only comes from Satan but he wouldn't here it. He gave us back the book we had just given him and said he will study more about our theology first and what we believe so we told him the website for the church and left it at that. We taught him yesterday and teaching him was sooooooooo difficult not to bust a gut laughing. He apparently tried to use the site and it was down at the time he tried so he watched two YouTube videos and called that his studying of the church. We get there and right off the bat he starts staying stuff like, "WHY DOES THE CHURCH NEED A HOTEL?!" because the Marriott is owned by a member of the church and he was soooo confused about the difference. He also said, "DID YOU KNOW THE CHURCH MADE A CARTOON?!?! A REAL CARTOON. IT WAS CANCELED. DID YOU KNOW THAT?! IT WAS A REAL CARTOON AND IT WAS CANCELLED!" I had no idea what to do with all this useless information. He still refused to read the book of mormon and instead he is going right to the horse's mouth. (His words). He is going to use to find President Monson's number and call and ask him these questions. We left at that point and said, "If you do get ahold of him, I promise he will say to you that you need to read the Book of Mormon, so call us when you talk to him. We want to hear about it and will be happy to give you the Book." That was a really funny meeting. 

Alright I have to get going soon because the senior missionary couple is picking us up. I am having trouble getting my iPad pictures onto the computer so I don't have any this week. I'll get better at it I promise.

I love you all - Love Elder May!

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