Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Elder May: Chapter 5

Elder May seems to be loving and thriving in New Port Richey especially now that he has short sleeve shirts - which was a very big deal.  Sure love and miss this Elder but oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!!

Elder May - Chapter 5

This week has been phenomenal. We had district meeting on Tueday and we set a goal for June baptisms. As a district, we are going to have 8 baptisms so two per companionship. (As a frame of reference, we had a goal of 13 for the month of May. We got 2 as a district.) So after we all felt bad for coming so short, we were able to discuss and plan ways to get to 8. Elder Gardner and I have been praying, working hard, being exactly obedient and all those other things we could be doing and as it stands, and hopefully stays, we as a companionship will have a baptism this weekend, on the fourth, next weekend, on the eleventh, the weekend after, on the eighteenth, and we have a few people who said they would be baptized on the weekend after but they aren't solid enough to be listed here yet. We might have every weekend. I am extremely excited and blessed to be in this area at a time where so many amazing things are happening. 

So the pictures are as follows: One is us with our investigator that should be baptized on the eleventh and the others are just a couple pictures of what Florida looks like. Flat and green and cloudy. That is the best way that I can describe it. 

I will tell a real quick story about effective usage of time and then hit send. So a couple of days ago we finish with all of our lessons for the day and it was 8:30 and we had to be home by 9. So to kill some time we pull into the walmart parking lot. We say a quick specific prayer, asking for just one person to listen to us and let us teach them. Fifteen minutes go by and one family let us say a prayer with them and then we mentioned the word "Mormons" and they wanted nothing else to do with us. Discouraged, we walk to the car. While walking there we see one more guy. He is getting into his car and we just say "HELLO SIR" and he turns around and says "What's up?" so we walked over and asked to say a prayer with him. That prayer turned into talking about our church, which turned into him telling us about his brother and his drug habits, which allowed us to set up a return appointment and a lesson with him right there that lasted a solid 20 minutes. Heavenly Father truly loves each of us, he answers our prayers, and blesses our lives, as long as we put forth the effort. I am glad that I am able to be here. 

Thank you to anyone that is praying for me or sending me love from home. It is truly being felt. I love you all and will email next week.

Elder May
Got his first flat tire and fixed it himself - got a little dirty though... 

Elder May's Apartment
Flat and gray alot of the time... 

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