Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Elder May: Chapter 2

Boy, how we love this Elder.  Today, he found this picture in the MTC and loved it so he sent it to me.  It is a picture by Simon Dewey called "...that ye may know" and I think that is so poignant to have in the MTC.  When I think about Elder May being a mouthpiece for the Lord, this is what I would envision.  
We spoke to him on Sunday for Mother's Day and what an amazing experience.  Anyone who knows Hayden knows that he is very quiet and introverted.  Except at the MTC.  He has found his voice and is loving to preach the gospel to those that are listening.  He has really come out of his shell and we couldn't be more pleased.

He has decided he wants to do his blog entries like chapters where each week will be a chapter in the book.  So below is the the first chapter in the book of Elder May.  Enjoy!

The Book of Elder May
Chapter 2

1) I, Elder May, having been born of goodly parents have had an amazing opportunity to come to the MTC at this time and in general. Everything I have in this life comes from the gospel and my loving Heavenly Father. It has taken me a long time to realize that but I do know that it is true. These past few weeks have been, by far, the most spiritual of my life. Anytime that we are able to talk about something important and essential to His Plan, the power of the Spirit comes rushing in. The feelings that I have here strengthen my testimony every moment that I am here. I know that this is the best place for me to be and the right one to help me the most.

2) In the short time that I have been here, so much has happened. We have learned to testify and follow the promptings of the Spirit. We have taught investigators the things they need to hear because of that Spirit. We have studied the Book of Mormon and learned countless new things every day. We have experienced a taste of God's love as we meet new missionaries, teachers, leaders, and investigators. We have had scriptures, experiences, and analogies brought to our head immediately when we needed it. We have bonded as a district solely because of the knowledge that we are all brothers and sisters. 

3) We have the chance to meet those that need the gospel in something called TRC. I have no idea what it stands for but I do know that I love it. We have taught a total of four people and been able to have them feel the Spirit. They have all had a desire to change and take what we have that we are letting them know of. The best experience I have had so far was that we taught a man named John that has ADD and a six year old son. While we were teaching, he learned of the importance this gospel has for families and eventually, after the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, accepted the invitation to be baptized. I am thankful for all the ones I have and love this gospel. 

4) I know that this church is true. It is the only way to attain salvation and feel of His eternal and never- ending love. I love this Gospel and am extremely excited to share the message with the people I come in contact with.

5) Thank you to anyone extending me blessing because they are being received very well. I am grateful and love you all.    

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