Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Elder May: Chapter 1

Today is Elder Hayden May's first P-day!  He seems to be doing amazing and is loving the MTC.  He gets along really well with his companion which, as a mom, makes me very happy.  He even sent pictures.  I can't believe it has only been a week but at the same time, it has already been a week.  Love this boy and love his desire to serve the Lord.  Enjoy!
***Best news - he gets to call home on Mother's Day which we didn't think he would get to since he is in the MTC!!***

Hey Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my first P-Day that I have. The weirdest thing ever is to be in street clothes with a name tag on. I wanted you to be the first one that I email because I know you're the one that wants to hear from me most. I am having such a great time here. The Spirit is felt constantly and I am really glad that I was able to recognize how to feel his presence before I left. Things have been absolutely amazing here. I love my Elders and my Sisters in my district. We have been here and met all of each other 144 hours ago and we act like we have been friends for life. I have a few picture on my camera of all of us together during our temple walk but I didn't bring it to email because....I forgot. I will send them though. 

Where to even begin. There are eight of us in our district and its a split amount of Elders and Sisters. Three of the sets of companionship's are going to some area in Florida and one set is going to Dallas. Are teachers are great and I just love being here. We actually went as a district today and did an endowment session and we get to go one or two more times before we leave. We all participate as a class and something weird has happened to me. I am open, I talk to everyone, I discuss my thoughts and feelings about the things we talked about. On a multiple occasions I get told, "When I first met you, I thought you were going to be shy and quiet but you are definitely not." It is just super strange how this happened to me and I am glad that it did. 

Elder Peterson and I are still getting along extremely well. We laugh and joke and have fun and then its time to get serious and we flip a switch and can talk openly about the gospel. We have two TRCs that we have assigned to us. (I don't know what the acronym stands for but it is basically a person that you teach the gospel and you don't know if they are an investigator or not.) Both of them are amazing people. One is an ex-cop who needed to retire because he had pneumonia for a year and he wants to learn about God and how he can talk to him and while we were teaching him we showed him a pamphlet and he got choked up and cried. He accepted the invitation to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know it is true. The second guy has ADD, a six year old son, and works at a nursing home where his mom lives. He asked, "What kind of God would have his children suffer and then not help them out of it." and I was able to testify of how pray and faith will allow him to deliver us through our trials and afflictions. The spirit was there and he is going to read and pray as well. 
I do miss everyone back home but I truly know that this is the place to be for me. I love the Spirit that is here and what it can teach each one of us. Thank you for your help in getting me on my mission. You truly are the best mom anyone could ask for and I love you. 

I do have two things though. First off, Elder Peterson's mom is going to friend you on facebook. Secondly is there any way you can send a black or dark blue pair of basketball shorts? I have red shirts that I can't wear with my red basketball shorts. Thank you so much.Face throwing a kiss

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