Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Elder May - Chapter 55

What a wonderful treat to speak to our handsome Elder on Mother’s Day!  He looks so happy and good which makes this momma rest easier.  He loves his mission but most importantly, he loves serving the Lord.  We love him, we miss him but we are oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!!

Chapter 55:

1) I don't even know how to mission anymore.
2) POP! Tsssssssh.
3) I won't keep y'all from lunch. Come by tomorrow.
4) I don't like just reading one chapter at a time so I'm just going to keep reading when I am not doing anything.
5) I'm on Mosiah 4 now
6) I start my job on Monday. 

Man, we saw so many miracles this week. It all started out with district meeting. We got a phone Administrative item apparently from the first presidency that missionaries are no longer allowed to teach a single person of the opposite gender with a responsible adult of your own gender present. Whether inside or outside. Before we could just meet outside and teach anyway but I guess some missions are having some issues because otherwise they wouldn't have made this change so we need to involve members more because we teach a lot of single people. That's where the first quote comes from. 

Second is on Tuesday, right after I had spent an hour patching my tire Monday from 9-10 we ride to our first appointment. We locked up our bikes and after waiting for our investigators we hear that sound from the quote. My back tire pops and deflates very quickly. It was crazy. I went through 5 patches and just bought a new tube this week. So many flat tires. 

Third is when we were teaching a nice lady, Kisha, and she wanted us to come by and just read a few chapters with her. After we finished reading with her and we were wrapping up the appointment she said "oh do you have somewhere else to be?" We said "well lunch" and she said "oh okay, I'll keep reading and y'all come back tomorrow and we can read more cause I like the Spirit y'all carry." So we did and now she is continuing to read. 

4 and 5 go together. We are teaching a really cool lady named Dorothy. She has the Book of Mormon downloaded on her phone and literally just wants to come closer to God and put Him first in life. She told us she knows the Bible and Book of Mormon can do that for her. So went went by on Friday and she told us the fourth quote. She said she will just listen to a chapter, write down what she learned, and move on so she can just keep reading. At this time she was at 1st Nephi 5. The next morning we went by again and she is listening to King Benjamins speech because she literally just sat and listened. She told us that now she just wants to finish it, then start over and study it because she likes listening and doesn't want to slow down. She is awesome. 

Six is another cool miracle. Last week we went to Jonathans house to show him the Joseph Smith prophet of the restoration video and after that he and his wife understood a little better. He's been looking for a job for two months so we told him if he reads the Book of Mormon every day for ten minutes, he will find a job this week. Instead, he read for thirty minutes and found a job the next day. Then when we went by a week later, learned he got a job, his wife told us, "I know that Book is from God." They are invested in their church until July so they said they can't come because they are working on a thing for their culture in America (like a Micronesian get together) but they will come to our church the first weekend of July and if they like it they will be baptized. Jonathan’s family is finally understanding all of this and that is really cool to see. 

The Book of Mormon is true. I have witnessed many miracles from it during my mission but even in this past week. It brings blessings. It brings peace. I know it is from God and translated through a prophet of His. I know we are truly blessed by having so much scripture available to us so easily. Please don't waste such a wonderful gift from our loving Father in Heaven. 

I love you all. Thank you for your prayers. I hope any mother reading this had a fantastic mother’s day but most especially my mom. I love you mom! 

Elder May

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