Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Elder Hayden: Chapter 34

Only 5 more days until we get to talk to this Elder… We are beyond excited.  Not really being able to see him on Mother’s Day because he was in the MTC, this will be the first time we see his face in 9-months so we are excited.  I am sure tears will be shed at least by me but they will be thankful and gratitude tears for this amazing missionary serving his Heavenly Father and teaching those that are seeking.  Love him and miss him so much but oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy! 

Chapter 34:

1) This is going to be an amazing companionship. I can feel it. -President Cooper
2) Welcome to Clearwater
3) There is so many people from Pohnpei!
4) I've been in Florida for almost a year now (the biggest stretched truth a missionary says)
5) I am going to teach you how to build member relationships really well. -Elder Durrant

So it's official!  I'm in Clearwater. The first verse comes from President Cooper, our mission president, and he said that to me as we were about to head out. It was a pretty amazing feeling.

We walked around as soon as we got there and talked to about 15 people and taught 5 or so. We went to a Less Active sister and she is Micronesian and speaks Pohnpeian and we taught her and she told us she had some family in the area.

Then we walked to an appointment that fell through and I fulfilled something on my bucket list. I threw a ball to a dog who played fetch. Prayed with a lady and she was playing fetch so afterwards I asked if he could play and she asked if I wanted to throw it so I did.

The next day we met three other families that are from Pohnpei and they each have 4 or 5 kids and all know about the church. They all assemble at a church down here that is a church for people of all faiths, that all are from Micronesia. We are teaching their pastor and the pastor’s son. Alma 18-22 is where we are going to get our teaching method from. 

Then at church we got to meet a few members and the fourth quote is what I told them all. It's true just stretched. The ward is awesome. Most of the people we are teaching are member referrals because Elder Durrant is really good with members. He is going to teach me how to be really good at it. 

I am really excited and grateful to be here and I am really excited to call home on Sunday. Love you all! Thanks for the prayers and presents. I love you!

With Love and Prayers,

Elder May

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