Monday, July 18, 2016

Elder May: Chapter 12

Every Monday this boy just inspires us to be better and work harder because of all the amazing work he is doing.  For our family, this week was a pretty stressful and difficult but ended up with a few miracles for ourselves.  We know that is because of the work and sacrifice of our Elder.  We are so blessed to have him serving the Lord and even more blessed to have him as part of our family.  We love him so much and miss him even more but oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!!
Chapter 12:

Hello Everyone!

He is so handsome!
Love him!!
This was another FANTASTIC week in the Florida Tampa Mission. I just turned to Elder Gardner now that I am an experience 9-week old Elder and said, "Man, my whole mission has just been a blur." He busted up laughing because of how young I still am. 

Anyway, we had a great week this week! No sunburn, no biking in this insane heat, people were taught, interviews with the new mission president, small rain storms almost every night, I love it!

Also, THERE WAS A BAPTISM! Fred Lane is the newest member of the church in the Hudson ward. There was a problem at the baptism however. Because of the rain, at least that is what we think it was, the water of the font was brown as shown in the picture of Elder Gardner valiantly standing in it to unplug the drain. Luckily, one of the brothers in the ward said we could use his pool! So Fred was baptized in the

pool and it is a real testimony builder to remind me that it doesn't matter where the ordinance is done, as long as it is clean, because the important part is the priesthood, not the font. 

Let's talk about some miracles:

Joseph: Late last Monday night we went to visit with a person who's appointment we missed the day before. We got out of the car and I saw a person out of the corner of my eye and asked him if he wanted to say a prayer. It was raining slightly, and in Florida that means the sky is about to turn into a waterfall and you are going to get soaked in a couple seconds, so I expected him to say no. To my surprise he said he did. I prayed with him and then just started to teach him. I asked questions, taught doctrine, testified and set up a return appointment. We shook hands and I started to walk away, then remembered I should try and invite him to be baptized. I asked if he found out it was true would he be baptized and he said "yes I would," so his date is on the sixth of August. 

Bill: We met Bill two weeks ago on Sunday but he is an awesome guy. He is in his 50s or 60s and has been a faithful catholic his whole life. He is dating a member of the church and they talk about religion often and discuss one another's beliefs. This past week we went by to get to know him a bit and teach him the restoration. We did that and invited him to be baptized, to which he replied, "She warned me you'd bring that up. As of right now, no. But things can change." Then we went by yesterday to see him and talked with him more about religion and he told us that the true church on earth is either the Catholic faith or the Mormon faith. He has been studying the church for years but has never read the Book of Mormon so we told him that the Book of Mormon will solidify his answer on which one is actually true. Either the Book of Mormon is true and so is the Mormon church or the Book of Mormon is not true and the Catholic church is true. It's fun to meet with him.

There are many more miracles that I could write about but I will leave it here for now. I love you all and am thankful for you. Continue being awesome. Love you! The church is true. Bye!

Elder May

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