Monday, July 25, 2016

Elder Hayden: Chapter 13

Elder Hayden never ceases to amaze me.  Seriously!  The things he does is so outside his comfort zone which reaffirms to me that our Heavenly Father is completely and totally mindful of us including our shortcomings and comfort zones.  Then He help bolster us up when we are doing His work.  I know that He is doing that with our handsome Elder.  Miss him, love him more – but oh so proud of him ~ Enjoy!!

       1) Yea, the days went by slow and weeks went by quickly
I am pretty sure my mom is not going to agree with that "scripture". I want to start off this week with an extremely awe inspiring testimony builder that we received over the phone on Thursday night:

On Thursday morning, we get a text from the zone leaders. They simply told us to check our email the next day. The next day we left to exercise early so we can stop and check our email first and there is nothing. They tell us that it should be there when we leave for proselyting. We check then and nothing. This pattern repeats itself until we are back inside for the night without having received an email. We call the zone leaders to get to the bottom of this mystery and they give us the news. 

The email read that, "Elder Gardner and Elder May, your companionship, along with two other companionship's have been prayerfully selected by the leaders of this mission for a special challenge.  In your area, there is a person prepared to be baptized on August 6th. You task is to find them and bring them the gospel.  The only way this can happen is if you, be exactly obedient, have the faith to find them, have your eye single to the glory of God at all times, work efficiently at all times, rely on the Lord.  They are in your area and we know that you can find them. This challenge is to increase your faith and the faith of those in your district. Do you accept this challenge?"

We were chosen by the leaders to find a prepared person. I know that we could do it. We accepted (obviously) and went to work the next day.

We taught, we found, we blessed, we committed and all other aspect of the work. We found a ton of people and we testified to them. Only two came to church and they can be prepared by then but I don't know about trying to force a baptism in order to fulfill a challenge. 
I think that even if we don't baptize someone on the 6th, we still now have many more prepared people that will be baptized and I want to write about one. Her name will be changed just because it is a touchy situation:

Victoria: Victoria is a media referral. A lot of her family is LDS already and her father told her to request a Book of Mormon because she has had a few challenges in her life. In the past couple of days since we met her we have brought her the Book of Mormon, she attended our scripture study class and said that the Book of Mormon is true, we set her baptismal date, we committed her to come to church, she overslept and missed church (unfortunately) and when we came by later that night she apologized and felt terrible. But she is still extremely excited to learn and be baptized and I am excited to be a part of it. She is a miracle. 

I love all of you and know that you are praying for me because I couldn't do this without the prayers. Thank you for them and everything else you have done. 

Elder May

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