Monday, July 11, 2016

Elder May: Chapter 11

Boy, this Elder is amazing.  He never ceases to amaze me!  I love getting pictures from him and sweet ward members who take the time to send us photos of him.  We are beyond blessed to have him serving the Lord and love him to pieces.  Love him, miss him but oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!!

Hi Mom!

This is the beginning of my two month mark as a missionary. I know some might say that it has gone by really fast. I will disagree because I know I will be in trouble with my mom if I say that.

WE HAD A FANTASTIC WEEK!!!! We have taught a BUNCH of lessons to people and seen some fantastic miracles! Want to meet one of them?

The lady in orange is named Coral and every one of those kids is hers. She has six kids all under the age of six. The other lady in the picture is her mom Jeane. Jeane is a member of the church and Coral says she knows she was baptized but we can't find her records anywhere so what are we gonna do?!


She has been coming to church for a long time now and she is just going to need to go through the lessons really quick and marry her boyfriend and then she will be able to be a member of the Church on paper as well!

Another one of our miracles is named Pearla - We were driving down the road to an appointment after about four things had fallen through and there is a lady walking through the tall grass. We pulled over to the side of the road, safely of course, and asked if she wanted to say a prayer. I think she was scared of us because we heard her quietly agree. Then she saw our name tags. She asks us, "Mormon's!?" We say yes expecting her to no longer want to say a prayer. Instead, she runs over to the car enthusiastically and says "I love the Mormons! I met with them a lot in Costa Rica. They are so friendly and I have been to every church around here and everyone is so mean and I didn't know the Mormons were here too!" So we prayed and set up an appointment. When we went to the appointment we brought the perfect member along. We brought Fred and Judy. Judy is a member from Peru who doesn't speak English and Fred is our number one investigator and he is getting baptized this Saturday! We taught an amazing lesson and Judy bore her testimony to Pearla in Spanish, which is Pearla's first language, and during the lesson Fred was able to talk about how he came to know the message was true. It was awesome to have them both out with us. Pearla has a date set for the sixth of August but we might push it up.

I am very excited for this upcoming week. Let me tell you one more cool thing:

In sacrament meeting we heard from a service missionary couple that is a town over from us. They gave their talks and in both of them talked about how awesome missionary work truly is. The wife, Sister Johnson, talked about how the hardest act of service she has ever had to do for the Lord is let her daughter go on a mission to Hong Kong. That would definitely be difficult and I know that the daughter is doing great things and that her parents are being blessed as well for their diligent service because I know I am being blessed and that my family is as well.

I am very grateful for the myriad of blessings and miracles that I have been able to have in my life, both pre-mission and currently. I know that this gospel can change lives because it has been able to do so for me. I am grateful for everyone I have in this life and for those I haven't even met but will be able to soon. I love you all.

Love Elder May

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