Monday, June 12, 2017

Elder May - Chapter 58 & 59

Love and miss this boy like crazy but oh, so proud of him!! Enjoy!!

Chapter 58 and 59

      1.      POP!
      2.      can we share a message of Christ with you? WHAT? Sweet  
      3.      Wow these referrals are working out!
      4.      You can get your own ride to church now
      5.      I want to take another picture
Sorry about last week. I totally ran out of time. I am working on that. This week's will be combined with last and we will start out with another popped tire.
My front tire has had a slow leak for a while. Well it was pretty fast but it wasn't just constantly flat so we will call it a slow leak. Tuesday evening (after we had Tuesday preparation day) we were just about to head out on the bikes. Very few things are louder than a tire exploding, in an all tile apartment, when you have no furniture. It was insane. Wednesday morning was spent walking to a bike shop. Only took us an hour though and then the member called to pick us up.

Sometimes as a missionary you secretly do some stuff so you can talk to people. One of those is to say "Hi Sir how are you?" loud enough that they can hear you and then quietly say "can we share a message about Christ with you?" So they can't really hear you and walk down to talk to you. That happened last week when we met a new guy named Aaron. He was up at his door and Elder Swapp called up to him. Then when he came walking down to us Elder Swapp looked at me and said "sweet" under his breath. Pretty great time.

This past week the Spanish elders and sisters have found a ton of English people for us to teach and contacting them this week helped us out a ton. All of them are interested in learning more so we are going to begin teaching them. Tender mercies to help reach our goals.

Fourth, we met with Kim and she is loving the friendship she feels at the church and the Spirit so we gave her her rides phone number and told her she can call for a ride if she wanted to come. She also came this week by week the way for Sacrament Meeting. She is doing great and going to a movie night at the church without us because it was last minute. Be there if I could.

Last, Ochan called us to meet him and before meeting him he made sure to get in a white shirt and tie for another picture. I will get that next week.

Love Elder May

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