Monday, October 10, 2016

Elder May: Chapter 24

It is hard to believe in some ways that 24 weeks have passed and in other ways, we have felt every moment pass by.  I think that our family misses him right now too with Hunter getting married and knowing he won’t be there physically but he will most definitely be there in spirit.  It’s a huge milestone for our family and his absence is missed more so than I think in normal circumstances. 
We are especially relieved that he is safe especially all the news coverage of Hurricane Matthew.  I am grateful for his leaders that follow the promptings of the spirit to make sure that the Elders and Sisters in the mission are watched over and protected.  Love and miss this Elder so much but oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!
(the pictures with Hunter are a life size cardboard cut-out of Elder Hayden for the upcoming wedding festivities…see below)

1) "You two are great missionaries."

We had a great week here in Hudson and we had a lot of fun while doing so! We actually had two exchanges take place here this past week but all of us were here. A zone leader came to our area for the day to talk with us about the recent decision for a new stake to be built and then Elder Brau took Elder Sites to my area and I went with Elder Reese to his. Really we just went to one another's investigators for the day. It was really fun though! Elder Reese has absolutely no fear. We also had interviews on Wednesday so that is why we are all gussied up in that picture. 

We were able to do a lot of amazing things this week and meet some really cool people! Some of the advice that President Cooper gave to Elder Sites and I is not letting someone know who is the senior companion and so I have been having some fun with that. I told one lady that Elder Sites is training me on how to be a missionary and she completely believed me. Also another really cool miracle. Last week all us missionaries went to church in gray suits. But there was a problem, I don't have one. But then we got home and I found a suit in the closet I am using and it is gray, from men's warehouse and it fits pretty alright. So miracles are happening in this mission. 

Nick- Nick is sooooo cool. We met him at a parking lot when we only had 15 minutes before we had to be home. We talked to him and said a prayer, taught about the gospel, he invited us to his house, and we set his baptismal date. He wasn't able to make it to conference this past week but he did come to a really powerful church tour Saturday and church yesterday.  He had to go to work at 12:30 but he made it to sacrament meeting and really enjoyed it as well! He is excited!

Agnes- Agnes I talked about a couple weeks ago. She was a tracting miracle. Anyway, we haven't met with her since that day so we sent a text to let her know that if she was interested to call us. She then, almost immediately, responded and said "Sorry I have been sick. When is church? I will try to make it." So if we see her there we will start teaching her!

On a final note I want to mention a baptism we had here at the church. It wasn't a convert one but it is the inspiration for the verse for this week. A family in the ward just had their daughter baptized and it was really cool. The mother was walking quickly everywhere before church to get it all set up. She asked us how we make the programs for our baptisms so she can do it. Instead, we just told her we would do it. We finished doing so right when the program started and we were able to help with the font and the father asked us to join in the confirmation circle. After the event we went and thanked them for letting us be a part of the circle. The mom thanked us for all that we did and was on the verge of tears as any mother would be on such an awesome day and she told us that we were both great missionaries. That is a wonderful thing to hear when we hear rejection all day. 

I just want to let each of you know that I love you. Thanks for all that you do. You all excel at every task you do even if you don't recognize it right now. I love you, so do countless others and especially our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Love you all,  Elder May

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