Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Elder Hayden: Chapter 23

Love seeing his face - Love our Elder Hayden!
Our family had a CRAZY week last week and I found myself thinking about why we were having such difficult trials even with two missionaries.  As I read through Elder May's letter this week, I was humbled that the Lord doesn't bless us necessarily the way we want or think we should be blessed.  He blesses us because we are obedient and faithful - He blessed us that no matter what happened, no one was seriously injured and the overall damages were fixable.  He blessed Elder Hayden with a multitude of people wanting to learn more about the church and He blessed us with insurance both home and health.  I found myself repentive and then grateful for the many blessings that go unseen at times but are all around us.  Love this Elder more than words can say and miss him like crazy but oh, so proud of him...

Chapter 23:

1) Sharing a car sucks
2) I walked 12,000 steps yesterday from the space of 6:00 pm-9:00 pm
3) Having faith never tasted so good

WOOOOOOOOOOO I am so excited! We are having a ton of fun as a unit! (that is apparently what it is called when you have more than one set of missionaries in the same area. We are a unit.) I am not as excited about the prospect of sharing a car. I will do it though because I love God. To be very truthful though, my tan is getting pretty good. 

Anyway we had a lot of fun just walking around and meeting all kinds of new people. In order to save on some miles we just parked the car and started walking one day. We got to our appointment that fell through at 6 and walked to our next appointment which was at 8 and that went really well but we taught a few lessons along the way as well. I will talk more about that appointment in a second. We were able to see quite a few miracles this week and I am excited to share! 

Nina: We taught a man last week named Ricky and apparently he was still in high school. We generally try not to do that because the parents will get mad. We didn't figure out he was in school until we came back for his return appointment and met his mom. Instead of getting talked to sternly, she said "Oh he is in school. But I will listen to you!" That caught us a little off guard but I thought it was really cool! 

Jason: Jason is a man that was referred to us and just recently moved into the area. He isn't too religious and wouldn't answer his phone when we called so we just walked to his appointment (it is the one that was at 8) and he was home. He opened the door for us before we even knocked and had us come in and teach him. He apparently had a church tour, been to a baptism, attended sacrament and the sisters helped him move out of his old house so he is pretty awesome and really is appreciative of everything we have helped him with. He is interested in learning more as well!

Jen and Ariel: When we left Jason's house we start walking and call the other elders to have them pick us up. Elder Sites is on the phone and I see a lady on her porch and walk up and start talking to her. She really appreciated the prayer and wanted to learn more so we taught her about the restoration. We set a baptismal date with her and a return appointment and start to walk away. We see Jason again and talk to him a bit more. Then Jen comes running back outside to us and yells, "My daughter wants to be baptized too!!!" So we set up to teach her daughter as well. That was a pretty awesome experience!
This was a pretty great week and I am super excited to continue in the work! I love this gospel and Jesus Christ and all of you for all that you do. Continue being awesome! I will see you all soon!
Love you all – Elder May

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