Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Elder May - Chapter 65

I know I say this every update but he is just so amazing.  Elder Hayden just comes into a new area and just starts teaching people who almost seem like they have been waiting for the right time or the right missionary.  We miss him so much and love him more but we are oh, so proud of him!  Enjoy!!

Chapter 65:

1. Member Family Home Evenings are awesome for kiddos
2. Painting a house is fun to do!
3. Elder Shakespeare is now a year old! 
4. I'm asking you hard questions so I know what to say after I am a member of your church
5. Ice cream pit stop  

Hello from Port Charlotte! For those of you who don't know yet, I got transferred down to the bottom of my mission. Anyone in the Fort Lauderdale mission that is in the north most part can come up and we can meet at the border and high five. That would be a pretty epic picture. 

First off, we are teaching a lot of people, especially unbaptized children. We had two of them and their mom over to a member’s house this past Monday to have dinner and a lesson. They are ready to get baptized. Their stepdad just needs to talk with Bishop now and it will be good. They are very excited. We got a text from the mom later that night and she told us the boy that is getting baptized told her, "I can't to be an actual member of the church." They are so awesome. 

Next, we got to go help a fantastic member family paint a couple rooms in their house. Not to be prideful or anything but it looks soooooo good! I'll try to sneak a picture next time we are over there
Those members actually threw a party for Elder Shakespeare hitting his year mark this past Thursday so we have a picture of him blindfolded and us setting up the pinata. It was a fun time!

Fourth, we went to a lesson (with our bishops brother and the brothers wife) and each time we've gone by he has hinted he is going to be baptized but asks crazy questions. This past time we had the Elders Quorum President with us and we start teaching and the brother starts asking questions again. We answer them but his response caught us off guard. He said "I want to hear your opinion for when people ask me after I am a member. When I join the church I want nothing in my way to slow me down. When I get baptized I am not turning back so I want to be ready to go." That was pretty awesome. Especially to hear with a member present. 

Last, we took some pictures getting ice cream so you can keep updated what we look like. That mint chocolate chip though. 

I don't know if videos are allowed on the blog but that is there in case you were wondering what Florida thunder sounds like.  

I love and pray for you all.  Please continue to pray for me.

Elder May

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